Based on a user and password security, customers and trading partners access The Web Tracking system which provides an expanded view of shipment activity including on-line Customs forms in PDF format, Document Imaging stored per transaction and billing invoice.
The Web Tracking system allows viewing status of the shipments by truck number, customer reference on any particular date and allows viewing of ACE Responses for Entries, In-Bonds, Shippers, and more.
With our on-line reporting feature, you can provide customers and other related parties, the necessary access to all or to part of the details for their shipments.


  • ABI Status
  • Cargo Release and PGA Status
  • Intensive examination status
  • Duties and Fees
  • Statement due dates
  • Line item information
  • Bill of lading and container information
  • Additional notes to the Importer/Customer
  • Liquidation information
  • Selectivity and Entry Summary information
  • Self-print forms
  • Warehouse inventories
  • Export information
  • In Bond QP/QX information
  • Release processing results
  • Bill of lading information


  • A time-saving feature preventing multiple emails and countless telephone calls requesting status of multiple shipments
  • Be at edge to competitiveness with a web tracking informational tool that provides customers direct access to reports and shipment documentation
  • The Web Tracking System is safe, easy, and secure
  • Entry information available is in real time accessed via a safe and secure web site giving the user multiple options to prepare their reports with simple selections

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