With the modernization of electronic data processing, the Foreign Trade Zone form 214 has successfully assisted many FTZ Operators. Able to report the Admission data into a Foreign Trade Zone to obtain a paperless response and be able to notify other related parties via Customs notifications, gives the FTZ Operator an advantage over using other time-consuming, expensive methods.


  • Transmit 214’s electronically to CBP
  • Receive electronic admissions
  • Submit concurrence of admissions
  • Keep a log of the different admissions submitted to Customs
  • Validate information locally prior to Customs transmission
  • Assign a routing code for related parties in the transaction
  • Keep control of In-Bond shipments by reporting arrivals & exports
  • Self-print 214 & 216 Customs form
  • Simple searches for editing
  • Resubmit any rejected transactions


  • Reduce costs in contracting Agent to process 214’s
  • Query ACE for BL/In-Bond status
  • Interfase with other ACE Applications
  • Maintain a log of withdrawals for proper balances
  • Customizable reporting tool
  • User security to the different system capabilities
  • Automated email distribution
  • Create templates for stress-free data input
  • Setup customer defaults
  • EDI Capability

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