In compliance with CBP Requirements, our Truck e-Manifest with EDI capability introduces electronic filing of manifest, which offers the trade community increased efficiency by saving valuable time at the border, reducing processing time, and offering online status tracking within the ACE Secure Data Portal. EDI is an electronic transmission of data directly from one computer system to another. Information sent to CBP via EDI will go through ACE systems where data will be analyzed and processed.


  • Transmit 214’s electronically to CBP
  • Receive electronic admissions
  • Submit concurrence of admissions
  • Keep a log of the different admissions submitted to Customs
  • Validate information locally prior to Customs transmission
  • Assign a routing code for related parties in the transaction
  • Keep control of In-Bond shipments by reporting arrivals & exports
  • Self-print 214 & 216 Customs form
  • Simple searches for editing
  • Resubmit any rejected transactions


  • Reduce costs in contracting Agent to process 214’s
  • Query ACE for BL/In-Bond status
  • Interfase with other ACE Applications
  • Maintain a log of withdrawals for proper balances
  • Customizable reporting tool
  • User security to the different system capabilities
  • Automated email distribution
  • Create templates for stress-free data input
  • Setup customer defaults
  • EDI Capability

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