The ACESuite Reconciliation Software is your connection to U.S. Customs to reconcile values, duties, fees, HTS and other approved data for ACE Entry Summaries flagged.
Entry Summaries originally transmitted with a flag to identify that the information used is reported to the best of knowledge, may be included in a Reconciliation filing in order to report true values at a later date, not exceeding Customs stipulated deadlines. The Software has many special features to make it easy to prepare Entry Type 09, generate reports for verification, and transmit necessary information for Customs validation.


  • Client software available to
    upload EDI from origin
  • Validates user prior to file processing
  • Ensures EDI data is accurate
    prior to entry creation
  • Automated error reporting
    to designated contacts
  • Generates pre-validated
    transmission file
  • Distribute automated e-mails
    with the ACE certification
  • Receive EDI files by email
    or FTP automatically
  • Multiple file layout compatibility
    Pre-defined entry line integration format


  • Transparent integration between
    exporter, U.S. Customs Agent & U.S. Customs
  • Improve Agent’s services
  • Faster processing
  • Accurate data input
  • Automated support based
    on e-mail notifications & alerts
  • Real time event management
  • Multiple EDI software compatibility

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